Best Microwave oven under 3000

Buying the best microwave oven under 3000 and make your food delicious and tasty.

Best Microwave oven under 3000

In that technological era hardly found a kitchen without a microwave oven. Bring the best microwave oven under 3000 and make happy cooking. Generally, a woman wants to serve tasty food to their loved one.

Basically, the children are loved to eat food like cack, idly-dosa, Pizzas, etc. and these all are difficult to make without a microwave oven. In the market there are many brands are available for the best microwave oven under 3000.

Moreover, when you go the buying this particular product you have to keep in mind some points like Quality, Warranty, Brand, etc. So, this Website we give proper knowledge regarding Brand, Product, Why Buying this?, Buying guidelines, FAQs, etc.

Brands for the best microwave oven under 3000. 

  1. Bajaj
  2. Borosil 
  3. Panasonic
  4. Prestige

 Best microwave oven under 3000

1) Bajaj 1000TSS OTG, 10 Litre

Bajaj is the one of most famous brands for the top electronics products. Especially, it can manufacture the best microwave oven under 3000. This product is also price friendly and under budget.

This one adjusts anywhere in your kitchen because it has a 10-liter capacity. Moreover, it comes with a stainless steel body so it will long-lasting product.

Furthermore, this is suitable for a couple or more than 2 people. As a result, this is the finest microwave oven for under 5000 dollars.

Its service is too good after you can be buying and if is there any issue then they can help to solve it. Also, it has a grill tray, baking tray, crumb tray, extra pizza tray, and tongs for baking/grill tray are included with this OTG.

Especially, this best microwave oven under 3000 has 60 minutes timer which can make your cooking easy and no fear for overcooking. Afterward, this is the best convection microwave oven in India.

Bajaj Oven









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Technical Specification

  • Capacity: 10 Liter
  • Cooking capability: Baking, Grilling, toasting
  • Dimensions of the product (H x W x D): 41cm x 36cm x 24cm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Wattage: 800W
  • Power Requirement: 230 Volts, AC, 50 Hz
  • Item Weight : 3 kg 720 g
  • Included Components: Cooking Tray, Tong and Pizza Tray
  • Customer Ratings: 3.9 Star


  • 5 Accessories Included
  • 60 Minutes Timer
  • Cooking capability Baking, Grilling, toasting
  • Chamber Light
  • Price friedly
  • This is to small for big family

2) Borosil Prima 10 L OTG, 1000 W, 3 Cooking Modes, Silver

Borosil is also a reputed brand for the top electronics products. Basically, it can produce the finest microwave oven under 3000, which anybody may get.

This prima OTG oven has a 10-liter capacity so this suitable for Small families. Especially, it has three cooking modes that are baking, grilling, and toasting. 

Moreover, it also has a quartz heating element that heats up quickly and efficiently with the turn of a knob so you can cook your food happily.

Also, one of the most important features of the best microwave oven under 3000 is its adjustable temperature control system, the mechanical timer of 30 minutes, and automated power indicator.

Furthermore, do not use any appliance that has a damaged cord, is malfunctioning, or has been damaged in any way. Never attempt to repair the oven yourself to avoid the risk of an electric shock.

Before Using This Appliance, Please Read the Instructions Manual. Bring this best microwave oven under 3000 and save your extra cost. Also has a removable crumb tray for better cleaning so no fear for cleaning problem.

Basically, it comes with a heat-resistant handle that can safe your hand from heat. This is the small and cutest product itself.


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Technical Specification

  • Product Dimensions : 20 x 36 x 29 cm
  • Item Weight : 3 kg 150 g
  • Customer Ratings: 4 Stars
  • Performance Features: 90 to 240 Degree
  • Capacity: 10 liters
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Additional Features: 0-30 Min Timer With Stay ON Function
  • Included Components: 1N Oven Toaster Griller, Cooking Tray, Grill Rack, Removable Crumb Tray & tray Handle & 1N IM
  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Wattage: 1000 wt


  • It has a Multitasker function
  • 0-30 min timer with stay-on function
  • Adjustable Temperature Control 90 degree – 240 degree
  • This is suitable for 2 or 3 people only

Why buy this best microwave oven under 3000?

First of all, we can check the price of the product because have a fixed budget for it. So, this microwave oven is very price friendly and within your budget.

Especially, this is very suitable for solo or 3 people so if you are living in a hostel or as a PG then this is easy to carry and maintain. Moreover, both microwaves are made you feel at home when you are far from your home.

The weight and dimension of that both products are excellent if your kitchen has not much space. This can use 800 to 1000 watt power and this is a good power-saving appliance.

Now you can serve hot and tasty food to your children and make them happy. If you buying a first-time oven then try that both are very small and cute appliances believe us this is the best one for you.

Furthermore, it has an automatic power indicator on top of the list so you have no fear of overcooking and also not standing at the place during cooking.

So, this is the best microwave oven under 3000 and a good fit in your area. Both have perfect design and also their color makes it stylish and beautiful.

Buying guidelines for the best microwave oven under 3000

Best microwave oven under 3000

There are some key points that you have to keep in mind when you go for buying a microwave oven.

1. Brand and price

Product quality is good or not is totally depends on its brand so first, you have to check the brand reputation. Moreover, if the brand is well and good then the product is also good.

Price is matters because of maintaining your pocket healthy. So, consider the price as a primary point.

2. Grill and Convection

Generally, most microwaves have a grill and convection feature, and most do not, so before purchasing a microwave oven, this function should be checked. Grilling and convection are the best features of a microwave oven, allowing you to cook a variety of recipes in less time.

3. Temperature and power selection

There are few microwaves are give this both power selection and temperature selection so, when you purchase this product then check out.

4. Cooking modes

Before purchasing a microwave, a buyer or a cooking enthusiast should check the cooking modes because these options will help to cook automatically in a very short period of time.

In particular, Indian recipes ensure that one can save a lot of time and cook easily by using recipes to make delicious food.

5. Microwave oven size

Power is shown in liters, for example, a 20-liter microwave is better for a family of three liters. In this way, one can determine the number of microwaves needed.

6. Warranty

If you are going to buy a product you will need to check the warranty period because the warranty covers the longevity of the product.

7. Technical aspect

There are other technical features such as:

a) Power output b) System functions c) Wattage d) Machine time e) Operating features, etc.

8. Power

Microwave capacity is important because this depends on your number of family members. If you are a small family you will have to buy a 10-liter microwave oven and if not buy a capacity of more than 10 liters.

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