Bosch 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine | Bosch WAJ2846SIN review

Bosch WAJ2846SIN review

Bosch 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine, as the names suggest, replaces all physical work. These washers and dryers provide a lot of options and washing modes that can be activated by only pressing a button. Everything is done automatically by the machine, so once you’ve chosen a program, all you have to do is turn it on. your all manual work should complete by this fully automatic washing machine.

There are two type’s of washing machines Top Loading & Front Loading Washing machine, In this Article, We are Reviewing About Front Loading Washing Machine. If you want to buy a top-loading washing machine then go here…

How does it work?

Dump your dirty laundry into this Bosch Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine and it will be super clean in just 15 minutes. This washing machine has a SpeedPerfect feature that saves you time by completing your laundry up to 65 percent faster. The device’s innovative design provides a thorough yet gentle clean for fine textiles. In fact, its design improves stability and reduces vibration, resulting in less noise. The washing machine also has a variorum, an LED display, a foam detection system, an unbalanced load detection system, and multiple water protection.

Product description

The Bosch WAJ2846SIN Fully-Automatic Front Loading washing machine has a capacity of 8 kg and great wash features. The Bosch washer cleans clothes in just 15 minutes. It has 10+ wash programs to meet all of your washing needs. It enables you to quickly wash and dry your clothes. The  Bosch WAJ2846SIN washing machine has a rotational speed is 1400 rpm, which results in a shorter drying time.

Bosch Fully-Automatic Front Loading power washing machine uses 2300 Watts of power. The friction-free EcoSilence Drive motor reduces heat and wears for long-lasting performance, quiet operation, and perfect wash comes with a Touch control and  Inverter Motor and many more features included.

Fully loads 8.0 Kg Capacity Foam Detection System, Anti Vibration Design Multiple Water Protection.

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EcoSilenceDrive: powerful, durable, quiet, and efficient.

It is quiet, powerful, and long-lasting. It ensures low power consumption and efficient cleaning. It works without brushes and produces excellent results. Not only that, but its new technology works without conflict, leading to wearable performance.


Never miss a thing or get baby socks, your t-shirt, ..? Stop it. When was the last time you loaded up the laundry, started the laundry cycle, and realized that you forgot your baby socks or T-shirt? The reload function on our washing machines allows you to simply add unanswered clothes or remove clothes or even the washing cycle *. Just stop the active cycle and open the door, so you can reload your forgotten items in the drum and continue washing. (* Loading is not possible when the suds temperature is above 50 ° C or when the water level is too high.)

Take Precautions

We know that you make every effort to ensure the full care of your favorite clothes. But washing can be difficult for your cleaning. Clothes lead to high clutter during washing cycles, requiring extensive ironing on the back. This puts your clothes at risk of injury from the heat. That’s why we developed AntiWrinkle, a washing option to keep your clothes free of damage and damage by reducing laundry wrinkles by up to 50%, resulting in less ironing needed.

Power Consumption(watts)2300 Watts
Maximum RPM1400
Capacity(Kg.)8 Kgs
TypeFront Load
MaterialStainless Steel

Menu Button / Functions:-

  • Quick 15/30 min
  • AllergyPlus
  • Freshen Up
  • Jeans / Dark Wash
  • Sportswear
  • Shirts
  • Rinse
  • Spin/Drain
  • Cottons
  • Synthetics
  • Mix load
  • Delicates/Silk
  • Wool
  • Drum Descale

Technical Specifications
Model NameWaj2846sin
Capacity8.0 Kg
TypeFully Automatic Front Loading
Energy Efficiency5 Star
Spin Speed1400 Rpm
Access LocationFront Load
Noise Level49 dB
ManufacturerBSH Household Appliances Manufacturing Pvt Ltd
Part Number4242005214679
Installation TypeFloor-Mounted
Batteries RequiredNo
Included Components1 Machine, Inlet Pipe, Manual Book
Customer Reviews4.5 Out Of 5 Star
Warranty2 Year Warranty Complete And 10 Year Only Motor Warranty


Customer questions & answers

1)Is this waj2846sin with a built heater?


2) What’s new for the 2021 models and how do you know what 2020 0r 2021 is for

Based on the model number can be divided between 2020 and 2021. WAJ2846SIN is 2021 and WAT2846SIN is the 2020 model. The difference between SIN and WIN is color. Sin is Silver and WIN is White. The characteristics of the difference can be found in the specification. I hope this helps.

3) Differences between bosch wat2846sin & bosch waj2846sin

bosch waj2846sin new model and bosch wat2846sin older model

4) Is this waj2846sin or wat2846sin?

HisLona is the new WAJ2846SIN model and WAT2846SIN was the old model

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