How to Root Android Phone


How to Root Android Phone

Android phone rooting is a way to get a superuser experience in the mobile means to get superpowers to android phones to unknown possibility. When your Android device is rooted, you have more options for improving performance. However, it is necessary to proceed with care. Rooting comes with difficulties, and if something goes wrong, it might void your warranty, leave you with a broken smartphone or tablet, or even worse. in this article, i  am showing you how u can easily root android phone

Before you begin, keep in mind that rooting is not usually a simple process, and you may experience problems along the road. If you are certain that you must root your Android device, proceed to the next section however, if you are not certain, do not proceed.

If you do not follow the instructions correctly, the worst-case situation will permanently destroy your phone, however, many people think that the potential benefits are well worth it. With a rooted phone, you should delete internal apps, change the android versionspeed up your CPU and personalize every element of your phone’s UI, among other things.

in this post, I am guiding you easily and step by step on how to root android phone with screen shot’s so let’s begin……..

What is rooting?

Rooting means to jailbreak android device/ tablet

Rooting is the process of granting privileged control (known as root access) over certain Android subsystems to users of the Android mobile operating system.

It allows u to get superuser permissions to phone for access superuser apps and commands and even more things. Android is a modified version of Linux Kernel, rooting an android phone is to give similar privileges to a device like Linux. after root, your device is more powerful. once the user gains root to access the user can install custom ROMs and special applications which were not possible earlier.

Before Rooting These Things Are Required

  • Bootloader Unlocked
  • Custom Recovery Installed( OrangeFox Or TWRP )
  • Magisk Manager & Mazisk zip for root device

Why Root?

There are top 10 reasons to root your phone.

  1. One of the most important reasons to root your Android phone is to remove bloatware(unwanted apps)
  2. Improve the performance of your Android phone by increasing its speed.
  3. Enjoy apps that require root access
  4. Make a complete backup of your Android device.
  5. Install the most recent Android version.
  6. Block Ads while playing apps
  7. Increase the battery life
  8. Installing a Custom ROM & remove Stock ROM
  9. Free up space by installing apps on the SD card
  10. Edit real-time app data

Why wouldn’t root?

  1. Void Phone warranty
  2. Malware can easily breach your mobile security
  3. Security issue

What is a bootloader?

A bootloader, often known as a boot program or bootstrap loader, is a component of operating system software that loads into a computer’s working memory once it is turned on. A bootloader is often launched by a bootable medium such as a hard drive, a CD/DVD, or a USB stick shortly after a device starts for this purpose.

By default Android devices come with a locked bootloader, which prevents users from flashing the bootloader or partitioning the device. You (and device owners who have Developer options enabled) can unlock the bootloader to flash new images if necessary.

What is Custom Recovery?

A Custom recovery means that a third-party recovery environment. The default, stock recovery environment is replaced with a third-party, customized recovery environment after flashing this recovery environment onto your device. This is similar to flashing a custom ROM like CyanogenMod, Google Pixel Rom, Oxigen OS, and many more ROM to flash into the Android.

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager is an application that allows you to toggle root permissions on your Android smartphone. Magisk is a “systemless” rooting solution that tweaks your system files without modifying them. As most users are aware, rooting your device prevents you from accessing certain apps.

Easy Way to Root

One of the easiest ways to root is to use apps like FramarootFirmware.mobiKingo RootBaiduRootOne Click Root, etc..

but in my experience these all apps are not working. it may harm your device or destroy your android os. because my 1 tablet was dead after using these apps, so my suggestion is don’t use these apps for rooting.

It used to be that rooting Android versions beginning with Android 7.0 Nougat was more difficult. but I m here for your difficulty so don’t Worry About this.

Preparing your Phone to root

Back up everything before start. You Should also backup your phone’s current stock ROM. You should also make sure that your device is fully charged before you begin.

I’m Displaying screenshot’s of REDMI 5A you should follow these steps on your own device options

Lets Start…..

 Install Device Drivers(on Laptop or PC)

You must enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking. To do so, go to Settings on your smartphone. Follow these steps to activate Developer Options if you don’t see it toward the bottom of the Settings screen.

  1. Tap on About Phone and find the Build Number. The exact path depends on your phone, but it’ll usually be found in About Phone or Software Information
  2. Tap on MIUI version 7  Times it may be shown the Build version option and the Developer Options will appear on the Settings Additional page or Main Page. 
  3. Now Tap on Back Key and go to Additional settings / it may be on your settings main page
  4. then find developer options and tap on it
  5. Enable USB Debugging
  6. Enable OEM Unlocking

Prepare your Laptop or pc

Install the necessary USB driver on your computer to enable proper communication with your smartphone or tablet.

Some manufacturers include the drivers in the phone’s software, so all you need to do to install the right USB driver is connect your phone to your PC via USB connection. OnePlus is an example of this, however, it’s worth connecting your phone first to verify if USB drivers will be installed automatically.

After Install Drivers Follow the next steps by step on how to root android phone

1)Unlock BootLoader[ LEVEL 1 ]

Before you get started u need to unlock Your device bootloader. Simply explained, the bootloader is the program that loads the device’s operating system. It determines which programs launch during the startup phase of your phone or tablet.

To unlock the bootloader, some manufacturers require you to obtain a key. Motorola, HTC, LG, and Sony all provide step-by-step instructions on how to do so but be warned: you must first sign up for a developer account.

  • Login in Xiaomi ID on your phone
  • Download the Mi Unlock app From here
  • Connect your device to PC with USB Cable

There Are 7 steps to Unlock Bootloader 


Download the Mi Unlock tool from mi Official site  and extract it on your laptop or Pc Desktop

Download Mi Unlock Tool

Download Mi Unlock Tool


Double click on the ” .exe” File and open it

Open Mi Tool

Step:- 3

Click on to sign in mi account note: sign in with mi account which is already signed with your mobile

mi account sign in

Step:- 4

After clicking sign in You need to enter mi account Details into the fields or if you don’t know the password of mi account click to sign in with phone it will give you otp sign-in option

step 4 enter account detail

Step:- 5

Go to your Android device and Press Volume Up + Power Button same time it will boot into fastboot mode/ Boot Loader

Step:- 6

Connect Android device to pc with data cable

Connect Mobile To pc Via Data cable

Step:- 7

After Connecting Mobile It will Show your device status( locked ). to unlock the bootloader click unlock button or f6 to unlock the bootloader. then it shows Unlocked status

After This, Your device is free as a bird

2)Install Recovery via FastBoot on Android[ Level 2 ]

Download Adb and fastboot tools

Download Android SDK Platform-Tools for Windows

Now I m using the orange fox recovery.

Let’s start by downloading the appropriate Orange Fox recovery image for your device. Download OrangeFOX from the button above. You will have to search for your device and then download the .img file of OrangeFox Recovery. if you want  TWRP recovery then download it


1)Extract the zip file in the folder where the Fastboot and ADB Drivers are located.

2)From your PC, open a command prompt/terminal and type:

adb reboot bootloader

3)Rename the Orangefox image to recovery.img and type:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastboot reboot

4) Now Boot Your Device to Recovery Mode

fastboot boot twrp.img

There is Another Way to Boot Your Device into the Recovery Mode simply press the Volume Down + Power button Same time on your Device

After Rebooting the device you have installed the Recovery on Your Device Means..


3) Flash the root file ([Level 3]

Open recovery mode (switch of mobile and press volume up and power button same time) if you are already on recovery mode follow the below steps

Download Magisk Apk

Magisk Zip

Step: 1

Open folder where you download the magisk zip file 

step: 2

Click and open magisk zip and swipe right to flash the file

step: 3

after flash click on reboot or go to settings and click reboot to system

Step: 4

Now you have successfully installed “root” after reboot open file manager and install magisk manager apk

=>How to Uninstall OR Unroot Your Android Phone

The First and easiest way to unroot your phone from magisk manager

  • Open Magisk Manager
  • After open magisk you will see uninstall button at the bottom
  • Click on Uninstall and it will reboot 
  • You will be greeted with the option to “restore stock”, “complete uninstall”, or cancel the procedure. To remove Magisk and all modules, tap “complete uninstall.”


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