The Top 10 Features Of Android 12 You Should Know

Do you want to know all the new Android 12 features that could come to your smartphone (or tablet) with a future OS update? Google had released the first Developer Beta version of Android 12 a few months ago, but the full set of Android 12 features were only unveiled during its Google I/O 2021 event on May 19. These features were released with the Android 12 Developer Beta 2 update later that day. We have listed all the Android 12 features, including design changes, new features, and changes to existing features compared, in this in-depth article.

Android 12 brings a major UI design refresh, focuses on improving the data privacy and security aspects, easier updates, improved data sharing, faster performance, and longer battery life. There are various small UI changes and new features as well. However, don’t expect all these features to come to your new or existing device as Android smartphone and tablet OEMs can enable or disable features based on their own agenda.

Android 12 Features Introduced At Google I/O 2021

All this set of Android 12 features are also available in the second Developer Preview version which also comes with some performance improvements. Google is still working on optimization and stability issues. But, all these features are going to be supported by Android 11.3 as well. The Android Beta Program allows you to join the latest Android Beta release of Android 9 Pie that will be available for all Android 9 Pie smartphones and tablets, until Android 12 is out of beta.

Android 12 New Features

These options have been verified to operate with the software’s secure version. You can be confident that these options will be available after Android 12 is loaded on your smartphone (until, in fact, Google modifications its thoughts).

  1. Color extraction and a visual update
  2. New Android 12 Quick Tiles
  3. Privacy & Security Improvements
  4. Improvements in notifications
  5. Quick Tap
  6. Haptic-Coupled Audio.
  7. Android 12 Updates Via Google Play Store
  8. New Widgets Added
  9. Picture-In-Picture Resizing
  10. New Emoji.

Color extraction and a visual update

Aandroid 12 Color

Android 12 is said to arrive with a brand new feature for system apps. These features will utilize machine learning to extract information about color. This means that all of the apps will get to benefit from this amazing technology.

With Android 12, the operating system will use a color extraction procedure to extract design aspects from your installed wallpaper. This means that the colors across the system will change depending on the background of your home/lock screen. This will provide a simple and automatic approach for your phone to feel personalized to you.

The color extraction feature will be able to analyze the color of a user’s wallpaper. It will then use that information to draw live wallpapers and icons based on the user’s current wallpaper. This feature will prove to be very useful for many Android users out there.

New Android 12 Quick Tiles

New Android 12 Quick Tiles

Android is all about simplicity. Android 12 Quick Tiles take everything a bit further. One thing that’s obvious about these icons is that they’re more vibrant and simpler in design. There are no tabs. These icons are condensed and easier to navigate.

Android 12 will include a new Quick Tiles interface which is meant to replace the current default Quick Tiles for every app. Tiles in Android has always been the main way that your phone shows you all the important and relevant details, like weather, messages, and more. As such, Android 12 will likely replace the Quick Tiles with a new UI which will give you an always visible view of what you’re currently using.

You’re probably used to seeing round icons at the top of the panel when you pull down the notification shade. Those spherical icons are no longer available in Android 12. We have rounded rectangles in their stead. ]

These work in the same way that earlier Quick Tiles did (a tap turns them on or off; a long-press takes you to the settings page). However, they are now larger and can hold more information.

Privacy & Security Improvements

Android 12 Privacy Options

They’ve all been in the news with the recent celebrity data leaks, but if you didn’t know, Google has been trying to improve this. With the AI-based security features that will block advanced apps from accessing your data, the upcoming Android 12 will be your saviour.

These two features are the most anticipated ones. These updates were included in the leaked Android Pie build. And it turns out that this set of features is very relevant. We have already mentioned that Google has changed the way Android is implemented and this update brings in new and enhanced privacy settings.

There are some things that we need to keep in mind before we get to know these privacy and security upgrades in Android 12. First, let’s discuss what Google has stated.

“Android gives you tools to adjust your data usage, manage permissions, and see how much data you’re using. With Android 12, we’re adding a new “App Activity” setting that lets you see a more complete picture of the information each app is accessing about you and make more informed decisions about which apps to

Google is doing everything in its power to make the latest version of Android much secure and private. Even with the major Android version updates, users have faced various exploits in the past. Android 9.0 Pie was an exception to the norm, since it had several security improvements. Android 12 is expected to further improve the privacy and security of the platform.

Notifications In Android 12

Android 12 Notificatins

Google is pushing notification behavior into its own launcher to provide a more uniform look to the notification tray. The developers are calling it ‘Notification Channels’.

What’s cool is that Android 12’s notification system will not require root access to enable them, just as an example. The notification-style tweaks, for example, should be immediately obvious to those who have been using ‘Continuous notification’ features.

Notification Channels will offer the user some control over which apps have access to certain notifications.

Enhanced system stability and performance

This is a minor point, but it’s the most welcome. With Android’s new Density Optimization algorithm, Android will be able to deliver a more consistent UI experience. As such, the more recent version of Android

Quick Tap

quick tap android 12

First and foremost, this feature lets you search for content on your phone faster. The quick tap takes up to two seconds when compared to regular tap, so it allows you to perform some tasks more quickly.

A new feature of the operating system will let users perform an action and let the user know the result after a single tap. Once the phone is tapped on the screen, the user will be able to do three things – lock, wipe the phone or the entire device and also enter the unlocking method. In the lock screen, users will be able to directly select the unlocking method, by simply tapping on the ‘more’ icon.

With a simple double-tap on the back of the device, users may take screenshots, open the notification shade, or access Google Assistant. Google also lets users alter the sensitivity of double-taps or eliminate them entirely if they don’t like them.

Haptic-Coupled Audio Effect

Haptic-Coupled Audio Effect

In the near future, haptic-coupled audio could take place and work in conjunction with touch input as well. Google claims that the sound is more responsive and clearer than ever. This is a feature that isn’t quite present in any major smartphone in the market today.

This would be the key feature that helps all major companies when they release new devices with full screen display designs. After all, these devices would always be defined by the screen quality.

Google is rumored to be releasing Android 12 with Oreo OS and a new name. We believe that Google will make the release official in the next few months.

Android 12 Updates Via Google Play Store

Google already announced that the first set of Android 12 features will be available via the Android Beta Program. Google has also said that it will offer Android 12 OS updates for all its supported Pixel and Nexus devices. This means that all of the existing and future supported Pixel devices, as well as Nexus devices that are being updated to the Android P Beta, will receive the Android 12 update.

With Android 12, Google has added the Android Runtime (ART) to Project Mainline, making it easier to upgrade specific components of the operating system via the Google Play Store app, eliminating the need to install a full system update for some feature’s. It also means that you will receive faster updates directly from Google, bypassing the carrier or the Android OEM for features such as new fonts and emojis.

New Widgets Added

Android 12 Widgets

This new Android 12 feature allows Android devices to load more apps. To do this, it has added widget support to Android. The Android icons will now show a list of widgets that you can choose. It is not possible to install third-party apps on Android screens. Therefore, Google has included a simple settings to select whether you want to load widgets.

Widgets are also getting a much-needed makeover. Google has released new widgets for the clock, chats, and weather. These widgets have unique yet appealing designs, and their color’s are influenced by contemporary wallpaper. The new clock widget has various design possibilities.

The design of the widget selector has been simplified. By default, it no longer displays all widgets under their respective apps. The new widget selector only displays the app’s name and the number of widget versions available for that app. The designs of the available widget options can be previewed once you click on the app’s name.

Picture-In-Picture Resizing Improvement

Android 12 pip ,mode

PIP mode resizes Android video to keep it at the top of the screen. It works for individual apps as well. When an app isn’t available as a PIP app (iOS has the same), it uses the home indicator to stay available. The size of the video in PIP mode is limited by the system.

Google’s First PIP Video-In-Picture Mode Resizes Android Video To Keep It At The Top Of The Screen

Android 12: PIP Mode (Picture-In-Picture)

The developer preview versions of Android 12 are out, and it brings a lot of changes to the table. The biggest feature of Android P will be the introduction of Picture-In-Picture mode (PIP) to run an app that is active in the foreground. This feature is based on Google’s software development kit (SDK) and works on any app that can run in a PIP mode.

New Emoji

The Android Emoji are looking more lively with the Android 12 update. There are emojis showing a wider range of skin tones for the new option of redhead emojis. Apart from that, there is also an emoji that represents a redheaded gay couple. These two emojis come with rainbow colors that cover from red to green for equality. You can also download the Google MyEmoji, and create your own custom emojis.



The Android platform is a wide range of software that is developed by Google for smartphones and tablets, and is used by millions of people across the world. As Google is constantly improving its Android platform, so you can be sure that the next iteration of Android will bring much more than the previous iteration. Some of the changes that we have listed in this article could be based on rumors or leaks, but all these Android 12 features should be quite safe bets for upcoming Android devices. It might take a couple of months before Android 12 is released, but you can also check the list of Android-powered smartphones that were announced during the IFA 2018 tech show and the CES 2019,if found helpful please share in social media…..

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