Top 11 Features of the New Windows 11 that will change your experience

Learn here the highest 11 Features of the new Windows 11

Microsoft has introduced the newest version of its Windows OS, Windows 11. during this new edition, the computer program of Windows has been greatly increased. Here the utterly modified layout can currently be seen by the users. together with this, enhancements also will be seen within the performance here. Let’s grasp eight massive things concerning the new OS.

Different Start menu

Windows 11 Start Menu

The start menu within the new OS is totally different than before. Here the tiles are removed. Whereas, the suggested section has been added here. A separate choice has been given for recent files. Also, currently, there’ll be nice property with the phone and users are ready to complete mobile work directly on their pc.

Microsoft has rounded all the corners of the tabs as regards general Windows 11 navigation and style. The File Explorer is still largely untouched. By right-clicking the “maximize” button on the top right, the user can use this exciting new window option. You can tell Windows 11 to use this open tab and split it down on the side of your display or position it in other ways that make multitasking with other open tabs easier.


Snap-Layouts-windows 11

Here users can get a group of the many apps and it will be accessed directly from the taskbar. This feature can facilitate heaps in task change.

Snap Layout:

It is designed for multi-tasking. this can enable multiple Windows to run at the same time on identical screens. per the corporate, such a feature isn’t accessible in the other OS.

PC to computer Connected Easy:

Connecting one pc to a different one is currently created straightforward. professional users can currently get a top-quality expertise with the Dock and Undock feature.

Microsoft Team Integration:

Microsoft team integration

Microsoft Team has been integrated into the new OS. That is, users can see this feature with each Windows eleven and it’ll be easier to attach with others through groups. it allows users to instantly connect via text, rich chat, voice, or video with anyone, anywhere via Windows, Android, and iOS.

Widgets Feature:

Windows 11 Widget Feature

The feature of widgets also will be accessible within the new Windows eleven. It may be individualized. the corporate has used AI during this. Here users can see different vital widgets as well as Weather.

New Icons

Windows 11 introduces new iconography throughout the operating system based on the design lines of Fluent Design. There are a few examples of the new Windows 10 iconography: edge, mail, photographs, alarm icon…

windows 11 iconsIn this Windows 11 digs and attempts to stop the incoherences. So for Settings, Folders, notepad, paint, job manager and many more we have new icons. We have new ones. Even the icons of the control panel and others intact since Windows 95!

Now exclusive to gaming:

Movies in Windows 11

Windows eleven is healthier designed for gambling. per the corporate, these new OS gamers can get the most effective expertise. Here the feature of machine HDR is given. it’ll update the sports machine lightweight for higher visibility. because of the reduced load time in new windows, they’ll load quicker.

Pass Subscription:

In Windows eleven, Game Pass subscription users can get through the Xbox app. per the corporate, you’ll not have to be compelled to pay abundant cash for the sports Pass library. an additional selection is seen and new games can come back each month.

Android Apps Support:

android app support windows 11

Android apps are supported within the new OS. Amazon Store are accessible in Windows eleven, from that users are ready to transfer apps. In such a scenario, users are ready to access apps running on mechanical man in Windows eleven. However, there’ll be restricted apps for currently and there’ll be no Google Play Store.

Voice typewriting Feature:

A new kind of bit keyboard has been given in Windows eleven. to create typewriting easier, currently, voice typewriting features are seen here as a mechanical man. together with this, several options of mechanical man also will be seen in it.

Questions and Answers

Can we upgrade Avita Liber v14 to Windows 11?

Windows 10 continues to be a great version of Windows. We have committed to supporting Windows 10 through October 14, 2025.

Will Windows 11 have good RAM management?

Yes, It is

What’s the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11?

Windows 11 has a re-designed and refreshed look for all the power and security of Windows 10. New tools, sounds and apps are also available. All details were taken into account. All of them come together to make your PC feel refreshing.

When can I buy a PC that comes with Windows 11 pre-installed?

PCs with Windows 11 pre-installed will be available later this year.

How much does a PC with Windows 11 cost?

It’s up to you! Many companies offer a range of devices that run Windows 11, all of which are available at different prices.

Will my accessories work with Windows 11?

Your accessories should work with Windows 11 if they worked with Windows 10 and meet the Windows 11 criteria. Please double-check with your accessory’s maker if you’re unsure.

I want to buy a PC now, will I be able to install Windows 11 later?

Most Windows 10 PCs currently being sold will be able to upgrade to Windows 11. For the PC to be able to upgrade to Windows 11, it must meet the minimum hardware specifications and specific hardware is required for some features. The upgrade rollout plan is still being finalized but is scheduled to begin late in 2021 and continue into 2022. Specific timing will vary by device.

How do I know if a new Windows 10 PC meets the minimum requirements?

There are a few options for determining this. If you’re in the market for a new computer, search for the fact tag that says “Free upgrade to Windows 11.” You can also confirm with your retail sales representative.

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